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We use a proven, long-term approach in our caretaking services. We recognize that your grove represents a substantial investment, and the objective is to maximize the return on your investment. This is achieved by focusing on what is best for the grove over the long-term.

At KCM we design and utilize a Strategic Plan for each grove. The plan delivers the collective knowledge of KCM management regarding the future productivity of the grove, while taking into consideration changes in the industry. This type of strategic planning requires the input and consent of the owner of the grove.

Customized and clear expense budgets are prepared at the beginning of each grove year for all groves. This budget is submitted to you, the grove owner, and is the Production Manager’s yearly guide for managing and caring for your grove. The data for this budgetary process is primarily from the Strategic Plan, experience from the prior year, and information gathered from routine grove inspections performed by our staff.