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KCM brings you a wealth of experience in grove development that spans many projects. We are prepared to help you plan and execute every aspect of your new grove. We can assist in securing the necessary permits, analyzing proposed sites and recommending the best plot of land for the grove, as well as the tree spacing, variety and rootstock. In addition, we can provide guidance and recommendations for the engineering and construction contractors for the soil drainage systems, irrigation system and water source wells.

We are totally committed to making the best use of the land, with as many acres of trees as possible. We can also recommend quality contractors and suppliers to complete the job on schedule at the best cost.

We welcome inquiries regarding grove development services and you can request an on-site tour of groves developed by Kahn Citrus Management. The grove pictured on this page is an example of development on ridge soil that doesn’t require drainage. We have developed groves on a range of soil types, including flatwoods soil requiring us to install well-designed drainage. We will match development with your site.